Holistic Wellness Coach

Level I


/3 Month

For new clients eager to start on their wellness journey.

Level II


/ 6 Month

For clients that want extra support for their well-being.

Level III


/ 12 Month

For clients seeking additional assistance with complex health concerns.

Common Qs And As:

My goal is to enlighten and inspire a lifestyle of health and mindfulness, guiding others to understand that our well-being is deeply influenced by our actions.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, we are unable to accept insurance. For your convenience, payments may be made using a credit card. Alternatively, you may opt to send a money order. Please note that we do not accept checks at this time.

Why is holistic health coaching important?

The American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) notes that during a typical doctor's office visit, a patient spends just 10-12 minutes in actual conversation with their doctor. While doctors and nurses excel in providing expert medical care, they may not always specialize in guiding patients towards sustainable behavioral changes, such as reducing stress or improving sleep patterns.

What does a wellness session involve?

We will connect via a video conferencing platform for our sessions. We will delve into your objectives, challenges, and any barriers hindering your progress towards transformation. You will be in charge of establishing action steps and deciding on any supplementary tasks.

How many session will it take?

It's difficult to make any predictions before the initial appointment. However, after our first meeting, we should have a general understanding of the situation. Rest assured, you will have my complete support throughout this process.

As seen in:

Limited Questions
Both current and returning clients are welcome to email me at any time with their health-related questions, as part of the benefits of my services.
Loyalty Discount
As a token of appreciation, all current and returning clients are eligible for discounts on supplements.
Private Online Meetings
Current and returning clients are invited to participate in our exclusive wellness meeting, where they can engage in discussions and pose questions to various health practitioners.
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