Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

  • Persons with a Pacemaker or any other battery-operated or electrical implant.
  • Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.
  • Children under the age of ten.
  • Persons who are hemophiliacs.
  • Organ transplant, or Colon removal recipients.
  • Persons who are on blood regulating medication.
  • Persons who are on anti-seizure or anti-psychotic medication.
  • Persons who are immunocompromised
  • Anyone who has had chemotherapy in the last 10 years.
Important Note


  1. Persons should not wear metal, use a computer or cellular phone during the Ion Foot Cleanse.
  2. Persons with low blood sugar should eat before or after using the Ion Cleanse treatment.
  3. Though not dangerous, persons having a metal joint implants may find exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the Ion Cleanse to be uncomfortable.
  4. Persons taking prescription medication should take meds after or four hours prior to their Ion Cleanse.
  5. Users should be properly hydrated prior to each Ion Foot Cleanse session.

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