Amy Bondar DoTerra Certified Essential Oil Specialist


As an enthusiast and user of essential oils, I’m thrilled to introduce you to these wonderful natural treasures. As a doTerra Wellness Advocate, I firmly believe that certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are an ideal addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Essential oils can be beneficial for a wide range of issues, including sleep disturbances, cravings, weight management, metabolic conditions, inflammation, fatigue, memory challenges, anxiety, PMS, and stress. There’s an essential oil to address almost any concern!

When used correctly and respectfully, following recommended guidelines, essential oils offer a natural, safe, and immediate way to support our well-being. Their potential in enhancing health and promoting vitality is truly remarkable.

Discover how I guide my clients through the journey of assessing, treating, and maintaining their vitality using essential oils. Learn more about my approach and the transformative power of these natural remedies.